Trusting EA, Nintendo Censorship and the DeVito-chu

Trusting EA, Nintendo Censorship and the DeVito-chu

A recap of some of the best and weirdest news from last week with a little extra commentary. In our inaugural column, we talk EA, Fire Emblem: Fates and more.

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Just a suggestion, why not bring back the weekly editorial.

Yahtzee's The Sims 4 video perfectly explains how gamers should treat EA's "not so evil anymore" rhetoric.

Pepsi?? Bah! No, for caffeine you need Relentless. It comes with plenty of E-numbers, taurine and guarana too!
Dontchya just love casual drug addictions? ;)

For the movie remake/sequel, i would like (yes I know it is new, however...) Jupiter Ascending rebooted...but good this time. No Channing, no pointless "the special" and certainly no bad CGI action scenes that feel like there is no weight or stakes behind them. What a wasted great idea.

Yahtzee's The Sims 4 video perfectly explains how gamers should treat EA's "not so evil anymore" rhetoric.

EA developer: Sir, we managed to implement the new DRM and microtransactions system in the new game as you ask us. But it may have made it laggy, glitchy and with a high probability of setting the console/PC on fire. Should we send it to QA for testing?

EA CEO: No, players first!

I think its important to note that this -type- of localization 'tuning' is not something specific to Nintendo. Many games have had the 'petting' minigames removed for Western localization. Bath scenes get giant wisps of smoke. Costumes are tweaked to show less skin on characters who appear younger. This is just something that Japan is used to doing to make sure they don't offend US/Europe.

I wouldn't single Nintendo out for something like this.

Take a look at the Steam page for anything put out by Compile Heart/Idea Factory, or a visual novelesque title.

Giving them flak about it just encourages them to go the other route and simply not localize it for English speaking audiences (which they choose to do for 90% of titles already). I'd take watered down over not available any day.

Honestly, too little, too late for EA. In fact the fact they changed the sims 3 now, to require being online with origin and having it running so it can collect all your data and send it off to EA, was the last straw for me. Sims 3 already is a laggy, buggy mess without origin contributing to bogging down the PC. I ended up having to uninstall origin and sims 3 entirely.

They have learned nothing. They deserve to go down in flames and when it happens I will smirk and say "eh let em burn" and walk away.


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