Good Bad Flicks: Exploring Lifeforce

Exploring Lifeforce

Exploring the making of Lifeforce.

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....Seriously? Naked chick walking around and the first thing that comes the guards mind is to give her a cookie? O_o

Still, interesting as always, I really do like how you go more in-depth then Moviebob ever did with his shows on Cult Classics :D

when i heard the us opening theme it made me think of bioshock infinite

I really like this series! So many films that peek my interest while I've honestly never heard of them. This one definitely entered my must-watch list now.

Actually the title "Do androids dream of eletric sheep" is good in my opinion, its a very simple question that has more depth to it by what the answer implies

I liked the film. It stuck in my mind pretty solidly through most of my life since I watched it since i was young, and I definitely agree Mathila May was a strong character, not just because she was naked, but I'd be lying if i said it wasn't part of it.

so is Species like a spiritual successor/failure to this film?
regardless I now want to watch this movie :)

Man, I remember this movie. They don't make nearly enough sci-fi/alien/vampire/apocalyptic movies.

Also, if anyone's interested, there's a documentary on Netflix called "Electric Boogaloo" which is about Cannon Films (and they talk about this movie). Cannon made about 90% of the all the cheesy 80's movies we know of.


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