The 5 Best Uses of 3D in Recent Movies

The 5 Best Uses of 3D in Recent Movies

3D is a tool that studios love and audiences don't. It increases ticket prices and more often than not becomes something that nobody even notices. But there are some filmmakers who use it well, and today we're going to celebrate the films they've made that do exactly that.

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Good list. Shame about the momentary eye strain.

Wait, no Dredd? That is one of the only movies since this trend started that actually put the 3D to good use.

Personnaly I never liked 3d it's annoying since I need to put it on my glasses and strains my eyes like a mofo so by the end of te film I blink like crazy.

I saw Gravity in theaters in 3d and holy hell was it worth it, that was quite an experience. It wasn't just all the pieces of debris floating around and stuff like that. It was also being able to really see just how far away the space station or space shuttle or earth really were, it gave a perfect sense of scale and distance.

Definitely agreed on Gravity. I saw it in IMAX 3D and despite the fact that I had a minor migrane a couple of hours after, it was SO worth it! Easily the most beautiful use of 3D to date.

I honestly wasn't that impressed with Avatar's 3D. There a couple scenes that used it too good effect, but otherwise I barely noticed it; and this was after going to see it a second time specifically to see the 3D version because I kept hearing about how jaw-dropping the effects were. Mind, I didn't think it was a bad movie, I rather liked it, the 3D just wasn't that impressive to me. The only movie to date that has impressed me with its 3D effects was Coraline.

The 3d in Avatar really reminded me of Technicolor. We can have 3D now so lets make everything REALLY 3D. Everything looks like it's several light years apart. Films are getting better at this now, Dredd being my most recent favourite but things still look at least one order of magnitude too far away. Ironically I usually prefer the auto-3d feature on my TV than the specialised 3D of most films.

I think the best times for 3D is for showing the gimmicky stuff. In the like of the trippy stuff at the end of 'Ant-Man' and 'Coraline'. The 3D enhanced the experience very much.

And while the last 'Final Destination' is far from being a good movie, the people in the cinema I saw it in had a blast because of all the stuff thrown in their face.

Argh! Cave and Language are both in Netflix streaming but I doubt they are 3D!

I wonder if Netflix provide 3D if you select the disc? Might be time to up my account (doing streaming only now).

Very interesting list for interesting reasons.

Some honorable mentions: Dredd was good as stated above. Sin City 2 had some really fun stuff happening too. But the ultimate of all time, not to be topped by anything is.....

"Harold and Kumar's 3D Christmas"!!!! Spectacular!

Wait, no Dredd? That is one of the only movies since this trend started that actually put the 3D to good use.

was thinking the same. i usually avoid 3d movies as much as i can but dredd was really good that didnt make me feel dizzy and really looked good. when i got it later on on dvd, it didnt feel the same anymore. for once, i missed 3d. so i got the blueray and watched it on my parents big screen in 3d.
i personally dont have one but well. eventually i will.

I thought Guardians of the Galaxy translated as well as any movie I've seen in 3D. I think synthetic backgrounds are less busy than real ones and lead to less eye-strain and makes the 3D experience "easier" for lack of a better word. Guardians was by far the movie I enjoyed the most in 3D. While there were a lot of scenes that worked well, I really loved the scene towards then end when Groot lit the room with embers. All the characters looked at what he did in awe and in 3D you feel the same way.

While just for one particular moment, Voldemort's end in The Deathly Hallows Part 2 was worth paying extra to see in IMAX 3D...

Other than that, I rarely see any movies in their native 3D... Although, I'll always remember my first 3D movie: Sky Kids 3D... :p


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