Hitman Hands-On Preview - Hit and Miss Man

Hitman Hands-On Preview - Hit and Miss Man

Hitman is the culmination of 15 years of lessons learned from prior Hitman games, but will technical issues and a weird episodic structure hold it back?

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Oh man, I REALLY hope they don't rush for release, last thing I want is a Hitman game that barely works.
Welp, if they get the QA guys on the ball, they might make the deadline but if the game is that choppy at the moment, I'd rather they just delay it and get their shit together.

Agreed, I love that they're going back to the Blood Money style of gameplay, but let's just ditch the episodic format. Take the time to get the bugs out, and just release all 6 episodes as 1 complete game in November. As much as I want to play this, I'd rather wait until they have a working product, rather than get a buggy mess that I'll likely lose interest in by the time they fix.

On a similar note I realllly hope they put as much time and effort into the PC version as they do the console versions. There's been a trend since 2010 or somewhere around then, where PC versions of games seem to be an afterthought. The most egregious example of this is of course, Batman: Arkham Knight, and a notable exception being the amazing PC version of GTA V. To me it seems to make more sense to develop the game for PC, and port it down to consoles rather than the other way around, but I get there's more money in the console market.

From the sound of things, seems like they're doing Blood Money with a bit of old-school Splinter Cell thrown in, what with the conversation-eavesdropping and whatnot. Personally, I hope this works well on release, because if it does I'll be chipping in.


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