Five Actors Who Should Play Robin

Five Actors Who Should Play Robin

Who should play the various iterations of Robin we've seen - including the female one?

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Depending on what time frame Batman is in this are really good pulls. Me personally I would rather see a younger unknown play Dick along side year 2 or 3 Bat (But these are better pulls for the current movie lineup)

Movie Batman doesn't need Robin. Or more accurately, can't have Robin. The character isn't required. Maybe Afleckman could have Nightwing drop by in his spinoff movies (they will exist), given the age of the character. But younger Movie Batman won't need him.

That picture of Breslin made her look more like Stephanie Brown, who was briefly a Robin, but more famously known as Spoiler, Tim Drake's on-again/off-again girlfriend, and an under-Oracle's-tutelage Batgirl.

I say Danny Shepard for Dick Grayson and Jensen Ackles for Jason Todd. Other than that, this list could work.

I disagree with your definition of Tim Drake.

Yes, his parents were eventually killed, but everyone knows that his defining quality is that he wasn't driven by trauma and vengeance like the other Robins. When he first became Robin, his parent's were still alive (or at least his father, I think his mother was either divorced or died of sickness). He's there because Batman will always need a Robin.

Barring the guy you chose for Jason, I agree with the list.

Though I think Brody should not bother playing Robin anymore, he should go straight to Nightwing.


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