8 Biggest Flops In Superhero Video Games

8 Biggest Flops In Superhero Video Games

With great power comes great responsibility - or a disappointing superhero video game.

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X-Men Destiny is probably the biggest disappointment on this list, not only for all the potential that was squandered but because of the false example it will serve. Because of XMD's failure game companies that get the license won't try to make games along the same lines, and really they should. The idea of a player custom made mutant deciding his/her place in the Marvel Universe and the side on which they are on while playing around with a smorgasbord of player chosen superpowers is a very good premise that fits very well to the entire theme of the IP, it's XMD's completely dismal execution that was the problem, not the idea behind it.

I have played more than a few bad Superman games, yes there have been more than a few, the one thing they all have in common was that basic enemies with handguns could hurt Superman. There was never an ingame explanation for it.

Oh, no mention of Sub Zero's 90's platformer?

I feel like Superman 64 should have been listed prior to Aquaman, only because it's my understanding that the Aquaman was basically just Superman 64, starring Aquaman and featuring graphics that were technically a generation newer.
Just gonna throw a shoutout to Captain America and the Avengers for the SNES. It was like that awesome X-men arcade game, if every screen was littered with enemies that could stun-lock you to death. You were basically locked into mashing the ranged attack button if you wanted any chance to stay alive, and Iron Man and Vision were just worse than Cap and Hawkeye because their projectiles only traveled half-way across the screen.
I remembered liking it as a kid... but trying it again recently? It was awful.

I remember Rise of the Imperfects. To the twelve year old me it was pretty much impossible to beat and I turned it in after two missions. Can't even remember if I just sucked or the controls sucked.

Me and a buddy turned X-Men: Destiny into a drinking game. That game puked so many achievements at us we decided to start taking shots for each one... it did not end well...

Now that I think about it, I'm surprised LJN's The Uncanny X-Men isn't on here. It's a real mess of a game that's really buggy and certainly disappointed any X-Men fan back in the NES days.


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