Does It Really Matter If You Make Your Own Cosplays?

Does It Really Matter If You Make Your Own Cosplays?

Do you have to make all your own costumes to be a "real" cosplayer? Absolutely not.

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Well, I'm not a cosplayer, but there is one character I always wanted to "cosplay". And so if I finally step up and do it, it will be very likely, that I buy most of the stuff and not try to learn how to sew my own costumes. (hopefully it is not addicting ... :P)
So I don't know who "hates" on cosplayers that work with tailors or similar.
It's probably a question how much "model" and how much "creator" is in a cosplay!? I'm not that "deep" into the subject. Where is the border between some people, that sew their own costumes in month of work and go to one con in a year. "Professional" cosplayers, like you, where you are paid to go to a con and show your newest design (that is probably created by a different person). And "booth babe"-models, that just wear what people gave them.
Where is cosplay ending?

As someone who has both worn premade and homemade costumes... I kinda disagree, on a personal level.

Don't get me wrong, I don't mean that I go around turning my elitist nose down on anyone walking out of the dealer room wiearing an eveelution hoodie, that's not what I mean, But it's definitely much less self-gratifying, you know? Getting a compliment on something I've sewn together makes me more confident in my skills, getting props for something I've ordered just makes me glad I have a paycheck.

Besides that, some of the best parts of cosplay is messing up. I've done some cosplay so hilariously bad it's left me in stitches.


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