Honest Game Trailers: Pokemon Black & White

Pokemon Black & White

From the developer that had exactly one idea about twenty years ago, comes the fifth iteration of the exact same game you bought over and over, and over, and over again

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Yep! I loved how the Team Plasma wasn't as unidimensional as the usual bad guys in all the other Pokemon games.

If they're suppose to be PETA then does that mean they're not a terrorist group, they just fund terrorism and were founded by hypocritical assholes who have a higher average kill rate than non-PETA poke-pounds?


The list of Gen V Pokemon reminded me how jarring a lot of the designs were. Gen V had a lot of Pokemon that did not fit aesthetically with the rest of the hoard.

I was expecting a Nazi joke with the two bird pokemon raising one wing up, like they were giving the Hitler salute.

Close to home...

I'll say it though, this gen was my least favorite. I did like 2 better though.

I kinda felt bad for you having to name them all, but you brought this on yourself.

I may or may not have done an unlady-like snort at some of them.

Assuming Jon Bailey gets paid by the word... these would be the most ideal episodes he gets.
They didn't go nearly as far down into the comedy well as I'd hoped they would with the team Plasma plot though

All right, the emperor one had me laughing. This man has a terrifying imagination.


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