I Can't Sleep - Clowns Will Eat Me

I Can't Sleep - Clowns Will Eat Me

Though not formally recognized as its own phobia, fear of clowns is a very real and terrifying condition.

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Though he earns the lion's share of it in my opinion, I don't just put the blame on Stephen King...

I'm only scared of lactose intolerant clowns and snowflakes.

The Uncanny Valley effect is one I've wondered about being the source of the phobia for a while, but I think a bigger part of it is the disconnect between face paint and expression. Like, look closely at the facial expressions of the ostensibly cheerful clowns in the attached gallery. Their faces are painted so their eyebrows are raised in delight and their mouths are curved upward in happy smiles, but the eyebrows themselves seem low and guarded (if only in comparison to the makeup, whose attempts at comical exaggeration may be backfiring) and the actual lips are parted in ovals rather than actually smiling. I think the problem may be that clowns do not match makeup to facial expressions well enough, and the two disparate images being projected, one of them realized and processed more subconsciously than consciously, creates implications of sinister intent.


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