Judging By The Cover: Judging Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice

Ok I lost it at editing Batman mouth. His eyes doesn't look all that serious.

Oh, those cheeky lens flares. They just can't not cause trouble wherever they go.

Nom, nom, nom: Batman, I want to eat your Cornish face!!!
As long as you don't slobber on me with your suspiciously long tongue... :\

I can't tell if anything on those posters was actually a real photo at some point, or if it was all made out of computer whole cloth.

I lost it at the alternative mouths.

Isn't bombfetti just a subset of spunkgargleweewee?

I took me a minute to realise Batman was fighting Superman in that first image for the movie; Imax. I saw B facing off against some random dude in a nondescript black costume, wasn't until later that I saw it was supposed to be Superman.

What bugs me about this Batman is that I can tell it's Ben Affleck. Like, I know with Superman you have to accept that no one recognizes him as Clark Kent, but Batman in costume almost never looks like he's obviously Bruce Wayne in a mask. The only other time I can think of was when Clooney played him. Say what you want about Christian "WHEREISTHETRIGERRRRRRRR" Bale, but at least his Batman suits hid his face well.

When he was talking about smiling and getting his teeth knocked out... Did Yahtzee just unintentionally reference the Joker?

Ben Affleck always shows his damn teeth. You'll see Batman coming from a mile away as the moonlight lens flares shine off his teeth into the eyes of Superman, blinding him.

Isn't bombfetti just a subset of spunkgargleweewee?

God help us all if spunkgargleweewee begins raining down from the sky. o.o


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