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Fire Emblem

From Nintendo's sweaty neckbeard cousin, comes the strategy RPG based on those guys with swords from Smash Brothers - Fire Emblem!

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I love tactics games. I love anime style games. The entire character of Tharja is basically constructed entirely out of my darkest fantasies.

Yet... I couldn't get into FE: Awakening. Not sure why. I don't think I fully grasped the system when I first tried it, and I got frustrated. Might try it again.

Paladin, not Knight... It's a Paladin that you get early, use as a meatshield and then bench once the other characters have leveled up out of their wet paper phase.

Unless the Paladin's name happens to be Titania. Well, and okay, Seth wasn't too bad either.


Yeah, yeah, I know, the locker is over there. I'll crawl in there myself and save you the trouble...

The one thing I never liked when they transistion from 2d to 3d is the fight animation. They always animated slow and not as epic looking when it come to critical as Jon Bailey pointed up one of them with Lyn splitting into several version of herself to dealt the blow.

Also yeah I get that the franchise always have the same troupes (the paladin who serve as meatshield and the two green and red cavaliers) in the same way with Pokemon having the start starters types.


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