How Pokemon Became a Pop Culture Sensation in America

How Pokemon Became a Pop Culture Sensation in America

Regardless of its country of birth, Pokemon has become a staple of American pop culture. But how? And why?

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And those poor parents.

My mom still remembers the 'horror' of when she took my brothers and I to the Pokemon movies, back when they still released them in theaters, and having to sit through the shorts that came beforehand where the only 'dialogue' was the Pokemon saying their names over and over again.

My bothers and I didn't care, of course, all we could think about was 'POKEMON!'

For all the franchise dicksucking in this article, they forgot to mention the ungodly amount of marketing dollars Nintendo pumped into the media that none of the other contenders of the 90's pocket monster craze could match, and what I think was the deciding factor in securing Pokemon's foothold in the US. Social interaction through trades and battles surely helped, but I think slick and manipulative marketing towards kids unfamiliar with social engineering with taglines like "GOTTA CATCH 'EM ALL" and flooding all the TV stations and toy stores with ads and promotional material is what ensured their survival.


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