8 Anime That Would Make Great Video Games If Done Right

8 Anime That Would Make Great Video Games If Done Right

These eight anime settings would be wonderful to explore inside a video game.

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Sword Art Online
Samurai Champloo
Cowboy Bebop

All have games.
Gundam has a crap load of games, with many...many...genera out there.

Can't see the Princess one working.
At least, not within the story.

I was about to say, Gundam and Cowboy Bebop already had games (especially Gundam). I think Ghost in the Shell had a couple video games too, but I don't know how they did.

Aren't most of these already video games? Gundam Wing especially has a balls load of games! Balls load I tell you!

Its like saying that .hack// and Valkyria Chronicles need their own games. You just sound silly.

It was never made into an anime (though IMO it should be) but O-Parts Hunter (or 666 Satan depending on what vsn you read) has some fun properties for a game (playing as the main character or just as hunters in that world)

I believe I mentioned in many of these entries that video games already existed, these are just ones that could use better games (or simply more games in a few cases). Tweaked the title to reflect it.

well, the "if done right" part does indeed make this a pretty good list. Yeah, Ghost in the Shell, Champloo, and Cowboy Bebop have games out for them... and those games are really, really, really bad. The cowboy bebop game is so bad that even though it released on the PS2, after the franchise's success in America was well known, no one made any effort to try to bring it over. Ghost in the Shell crossed the pond, and promptly faded from memory. I only recall Xplay reviewing it.


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