Playing EDH on the Cheap - Pauper Primer

Playing EDH on the Cheap - Pauper Primer

An alternate way to play EDH and Commander on the cheap.

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Pauper is great in concept but it suffers heavily from 'optimal strategy syndrome', which basically boils down to five-colour mini-Uriel. Pauper suffers from not having enough options to remove enchantments, making that a really powerful option you can barely do anything against.

However, if you're with people who are willing to go really creative and not play for power it's a super fun format. Building decks is even more fun than with regular EDH. I once spent half an hour half-drunk with a shoe box of cards and I ended up with a really fun Blaze Commando deck that actually had insane synergy.

But without ramp, Pauper is an insanely slow format. So most people end up playing decks with green as there's actually still some ramp in commons.

Pauper was played in my area until I built U/R Spellheart Chimera. Since counter magic and burn-type removal are usually common, the deck had a massive suite of counters and removal, all of which made my commander stronger. The deck could easily win 1v1 against actual Commander decks.

Still one of the my favorite decks ever.

Around here you build a deck with a commander that can tank Lighting Bolt with its face, or you don't play at all. Oh and hexproof ones are banned in casual tournaments because no fun allowed. :(

counter magic

Oh. Ohhh.

One of those players, huh?

Damn you son, damn you.


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