5 Movies That Rival This Year's Oscar Nominees

5 Movies That Rival This Year's Oscar Nominees

These great films share some DNA with the Oscar nominees, but received no awards.

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I have yet to find someone IRL that likes moon, it drives me insane that it's so well loved online. Most movies I can suspend my disbelief and follow in universe logic, but I can't fucking stand moon and don't get how it's so critically acclaimed....then again I very rarely agree with movie critics, so meh.

otherwise I haven't seen the rest of these...but I'll be sure to remember the titles in case I run across them.

I remember Jeremiah Johnson. I used to watch that movie all the time as a child. Don't know what to watch and tired of Braveheart? Watch Jeremiah Johnson. Can't find The Good, The Bad, and The Ugly? Watch Jeremiah Johnson.
Sadly we only had it on VHS, and while we still have a VHS player somewhere in one of the rooms around me, I can't find Jeremiah Johnson.

Moon is so good, I'd say it's a better movie than The Martian. They're both great though.

Sam Rockwell is the guy I'd pick for his generation's most underrated actor. Dude can turn a part, even a bit part, into absolute magic. I may be heavily biased because of his work as the extra "Guy" in Galaxy Quest but he managed to keep up with a veteran ensemble cast despite being a relative unknown at the time. Absolutely brilliant.

I also want to say I love his work in Choke, my favorite Palahniuk book-turned-film.

I believe if anyone should have more recognition for his work (and better parts) its gotta be Rockwell.


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