Triple 9 - Sorry Zangief, The Bad Guys Are Bad Guys

Aw man, ya didn't like it?

But the trailers looked so good!

I'll probably end up seeing it anyway at some point. If it turns out bad rest assured that I shall remember that you tried to warn us.

...Man, the only thing I hate about Wreck-It Ralph was the idea they made Zangief a bad-guy.
In-universe, the guy is basically what happens when you make Russian!Hulk Hogan, only reason they made him a bad guy at all was because of US perceptions of Russians in the cold war :/

This movie has The Falcon and Wonder Women in it. Just let that sink in.
They were promoting the hell out of this movie on the late night talk shows, but it looked to me like it was more out of desperation.


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