With Vampyr, Life is Strange Developers Take A Dark Twist

With Vampyr, Life is Strange Developers Take A Dark Twist

For a studio that just finished a teenage drama, dontnod is going to some dark places with Vampyr.

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If the damage done to the vampire image by prepubescant fan-fiction twilight and the fetishised underworld trilogy, can ever be redeemed, it will be through this game. It cannot come soon enough! Loved Remember Me. Yet to try Life is Strange. Am conflicted.

I do like the idea of killing someone for experience, and that it's entirely up to you who to go after.

Kinda makes the player really think about their choices and who they label as "bad" and "good" in terms of random people on the street. Plus, it's closer to Bram Stoker's Dracula idea of vampires than some stupid teenage BS that's been popular.

I will definitely be checking this out since it sounds like something up my alley.

Oooooooh, want want want. I was just doing another nth play of VTM. Really hope this one will be good, though I hope it has enough RPG elements to satisfy me, it would be nice to have a customisable character but a set well written one can be good too.

I'm rather excited for this because I like the style of Dontnod's other two games, I'm just not a fan of the settings - Life is Strange pissed me the hell off because I hated my own teen drama; I didn't wanna play a game about the same drama only "oh wait you can undo your decision if you didn't like it". That's... what the reset button is for.

ANYWAY so yeah, I'm excited though not too excited because there's a lot of time for things to change.

Oh man, I am so excited about this. 1918 London in the grip of a Spanish Flu epidemic and possibly proper vampires? This sounds like it's right up my alley.

Skeptical they will be able to pull it off, I am certainly interested in seeing where it goes.

Looks good. Then again, Remember Me looked good too. Too bad the combat fell apart with some of the most annoying fights in gaming.

That said, I'm probably not the right person to critique Remember Me. I had to pause the very start of the game to deal with the torture and forced memory wipe of the lead character as soon as you press start. That was some deeply messed up stuff. Orwellian indeed.

Sounds interesting I will keep an eye on this one.

London suffered very little in WW1, there were some German bombing raids but less than 1000 died across the country due to German raids. A 1000 dead in London during the WW2 blitz would be a quite night.

The City of London and being part of London is great one to confuse Americans and other aliens. The City of London is built on top of the Roman city. It was abandoned for most of the Saxon period, with the Saxon centre being in whats now the east end. The roman ruins were the haunt of bandits and small viking raiding parties until Alfred the Great moved the Saxon city back inside the Roman walls to keep the vikings out. Slowly over the next 1000 years the old roman city expanded taking in towns and villages whose names are now the boroughs of London.

I'm sure it'll draw comparisons to Bloodborne, since pistols find their way into the knife and saw play, but since this is Georgian London, not Victorian, those won't be quite accurate.

The last period of British history that was referred to by regnal name was the Edwardian period which ended in 1910. The Georgian name wasn't used for the next period because the years between 1714 and 1837 are referred to as Georgian. 1918 is normally called the interwar years.

Well this seems interesting at least. Hopefully they'll be able to make a decent game out of it, unlike their last one.

Can't bring myself to give a shit about vampires the way our culture has sexified them over the last 60+ years. However, I loved Life is Strange, so I might check it out. Possibly, maybe. I just, bleh, can't stand vampires as anything other than antagonists.


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