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Exploring The Evil Dead

Exploring the making of The Evil Dead.

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Love Evil Dead, remember when i was a kid i would sneak a look at it when my mum and dad watched it. Still a movie i enjoy watching even though i see all the imperfections of the makeup on screen. Also have the Book of the Dead edition that is falling apart as its made of latex. lol.

Man, I remember a friend of mine showed me this years ago, loved every second of it.
Still kinda suprised they are making a TV Show out of it, I don't really follow Netflix so that might be why I missed out.

That and college kicking my ass q-q

Love the Evil Dead.

I watched it a lot growing up, and Army of Darkness is a staple in my Halloween viewings. I haven't watched the TV show yet since I haven't had the time to watch it, but from what I understand it's very good.

a classic horror movie. got the collection with all 3 movies and i have watched them few times. hell, even my wife loved it and she has never heard of that movie. she even wanted to watch the remake and liked it as well, despite complaining about the grotesque amount of gore.
my parents are more neutral about it but didnt say that it was bad. i guess when your older you kind of grow out of it. but as for my self, i still love it and im glad to have them on dvd which have been remastered with better sound a picture.

I loved those movies, and loved the evolution from horror to humor. There's always been that relationship between anything that makes people uncomfortable, and comedy (porn and horror being obvious examples). This is definitely one of the most genuinely entertaining examples. Army of Darkness in particularly, was huge to me as a young guy, and I wasn't alone in that at the time. Bruce Campbell became a cult icon for a reason.

I recommend reading Bruce Campbell's autobiography, "If Chins Could Kill: Confessions of a B Movie Actor" if you haven't yet. It goes over this stuff in a bit more detail, and there is some... interesting stuff behind the filming of the movie "Crimewave". On the whole an enjoyable read.


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