The Flame in the Flood Review - Wolves Ate Me Like, Six Times

The Flame in the Flood Review - Wolves Ate Me Like, Six Times

While there are some technical difficulties that need to be worked out, The Flame in the Flood is still moderately enjoyable.

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Sounds interesting. I hadn't even looked at it on steam until now.

The description reminds me a bit of This War of Mine except not quite as incredibly depressing.

The Edge and Game Informer reviews could be summarized, respectively, as "I died hundreds of times. What the hell, game?" and "I died hundreds of times! 9 out of 10!"

As for me, my patience with Rogue-likes suggesting that a relatively short playing time is an excuse for combining savagely unfair random events with permadeath is frayed past endurance. I had some hope for the game when I first started hearing word of it- it's basically Beasts of the Southern Wild, The Game- but I'm ready for this particular offshoot of game design to die a much deserved-death.

It is entirely possible to create a procedurally-created game world that doesn't create scenarios that even the most skilled player can't win, and I'm starting to see an unwillingness to do that as either laziness on the part of the developer or a fundamental disrespect for the player and their time, or both.

If the system requirements fall within the range of what my laptop can handle I'll buy it.
Going on my wishlist either way.


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