8 Disappointing Video Games Based On Popular TV Shows

8 Disappointing Video Games Based On Popular TV Shows

From The Sopranos to The Shield, television studios have a long history of licensing hugely successful shows as disappointing games.

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As I recall, the worst thing about 24's adaptation was, they used the game to pay off the cliffhanger at the end of Season 2. So all of those plot threads just stopped, and Season 3 basically pretended none of it had ever happened.

I semi-expected Duck Dynasty.

Ahh video game tie-ins. Such glorious crap. There were two others I recall; Buffy and Dark Angel. I don't recall hearing good things about them either.

ah you picked the wrong dr who game.

cant get better than dr who and the mines of terror. they couldnt license most of the official stuff so k9 was replaced by a robotic cat called sphinx and yeah it was a bad puzzle platformer

The only thing I rememeber about The Shield game was when X-Play did a review of said game...

Other than that, the first game that I thought about for this list was Lost: Via Domus... *shutters* And to think my best friend bought The Walking Dead: Survival Instinct for the Wii U...

There was also an awful Prison Break game that absolutely took liberties with the series' canon. While the 3rd and 4th seasons weren't as good as the beginning, the series as a whole was fairly decent. The game did not live up to any of that at all and put the player in the shoes of a 3rd party that only tentatively had ties to the main characters at Fox River.


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