8 Fictional Video Games We Wish Were Real

8 Fictional Video Games We Wish Were Real

Movies and TV shows employ their fare share of "fake games", and we really wish we could actually play some of them...

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No Grand Theft Walrus? I am disappoint.

Screw sword art online let's use a good source material and get .Hack going instead.

The game from Stargate Atlantis episode "The Game".
I would kill do anything for that to exist.
The Ultimate Land 4X game.

*Imagines such a space 4x game* *mind blown*

SAO, really? A game that is almost guaranteed to KILL you if you play it. Well... we are overpopulated, mostly with dumb people who would play a lethal game. Ok, I approve.

I'll stick with Brainscan. A game that will only make me think I really killed my friends and neighbors. And it will at worst give me seizures.

Well, there is a game of Sword Art Online, a few actually, it's just not an MMO.
As well, the Fix it Felix Jr. and Sugar Rush are web games. (Sugar Rush is a Unity engine game, so note that.)
Finally, keep dreaming on HL3. If it does happen, it won't be any time soon and in any event it will be a massive disappointment.

Why would you want to really play sword art online? As a game it sounds pretty crappy aside from the head gear, which can apparently kill you because thats functionality that would be built into a game controller.

The Oasis from the book Ready Player One. It pretty much trumps all others.

I'd rather play the Ender's Game, game personally.

That game from that episode of Law and Order: SVU seemed pretty interesting (Intimidation Game). Sure the graphics were outdated but if Punjabi wasn't just Molyneuxing it sounded like it had some pretty interesting concepts and mechanics.

Sugar Rush would be fun but I never get into arcades anymore. :c

The Matrix would be fun. Super jumping for everybody!

To be fair to the X-Files, I think that episode was written by people who've never SEEN a video game before. I wonder if there's a TVTrope for that...


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