5 Actors Who Should Play Marvel's Bullseye

5 Actors Who Should Play Marvel's Bullseye

If Bullseye shows up in Season 3 of Daredevil, who would be best to play him?

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Donovan. I think he could pull off the role extremely well. Just lay in the calculating no-nonsense parts of his character in Burn Notice, he'd make a formidable sniper.

I actually agree..I can see where you're coming from with all these guys.

If any of them do get picked, that'll make me all the more excited to watch next season.

I say Alfie is the best choice, Bullseye appereance tends to be weasly and Alfie got that look to T also I really hope they don't skimp out on the aiming

Bit out of left field, but If they had the balls to do a race swap on the character, I'd love to see Edi Gathegi get a crack at it.

Guy was downright menacing in The Blacklist. Has the right kind of calm-on-the-surface/psycho underneath presentation.


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