Take Your Diablo 3 Archon Wizard's Power Level to Over 9000!

Take Your Diablo 3 Archon Wizard's Power Level to Over 9000!

This Diablo 3 patch 2.4.1 Wizard archon build using Vyr's set is crushing Greater Rift 96 on the Public Test Realm. Here's a guide on how you can, too.

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Nice, Rhykker's column is back!

I'll admit, I kinda gave these a pass before but now that I've gotten into D3, I rather enjoy these guides :)

I have everything in this guide on my Wizard except the Zodiak ring and the Parthan Defenders. Now, all I have to do is get all the things I don't have ancient to ancient and then start getting the gems powered up.

I'm not playing PTR, but my possibly stupid current season build is Archon based.

The trick? It's using Firebird rather than Vyr, and relying on the Firebird 6pc 600% bug to get the damage up to ridiculous levels (20 stack Chantodo damage for 7000% mixed with the 600% is just dirty - crit waves are over ten billion damage, and my gear's rubbish). Partly because I still think Elective Mode skill selection is a cheat so I can't use this build (Disintegrate, Vyr and Swami are not friends - Archon Swami makes your attack speed so fast that Disintegrate will burn through all your MP in half a second!), but there's a few things here I want to try, particularly for jewellery options - I'm using F&R with Ouroboros because that's the best I've found, but the meta seems to be built around the Endless Walk these days so maybe that with Zodiac, or some such (I've got Unity in the cube for survivability, but Zodiac is a clear cube ring rather than something to actually wear).

Furnace is mostly obvious, but I like In-Geom for the cooldown reduction (it can even repeatedly zero the cooldown of the Archon 1-spam).

How are people getting all these insane items? Are they crafted or dropped?

As of 2.4.1, I feel like a dirty hipster.

Guess what's crushing the Wizard leaderboards right now? Firebird Archon! I was using that build before it was cool, dammit...


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