Darth Vader Is Some Good Sith

Darth Vader Is Some Good Sith

Darth Vader is going to do whatever the Hell he wants in his own damned book.

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Art looks decent, I just have no interest in the Awakenverse. Wake me if he chases Luke and Leia to Circarpous V.

Calling this part of the "Awakenverse" would be grossly inaccurate.

This is Episode 4.5.

The series has been interesting so far. The killer C-3PO is a nice touch. :)

Plus, Vader facing down an entire legion himself - pretty badass.

- The "Reverse Star Wars Crew" was almost a dealbreaker for me as a trope, but Goddammit, they're just fun on a bun.

- Vader Down was an impressive work as a "Comic Crossover Event." They kept it brief, limited in total books involved, and the plot reason for having it was very, very Star Wars-y.

This was a fun read. Good job Phil. I'll have to start following your work with great interest.


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