Stardew Valley Review - The Simple Life

Stardew Valley Review - The Simple Life

Stardew Valley is an absolutely charming little gem about forgetting all your worries and relaxing on a farm.

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60 hours in, I've reached my limit. Reflecting on what I've done, it's been a whole lot of running and managing the farm.
It's cute and relaxing and for the price it's alright, I guess. I feel it's more of a completionist game than anything else, like "be friends with everyone" and "find all artifacts for the museum".

One thing I've noted is how jarring it is to run out of health in the mines/dungeon. "You've lost 19 items from your backpack" is pretty harsh, especially when that includes your 25k gold sword, your stack of bombs and in the case of the mines, you lose progression.
At that point you just alt+f4 and start the day over.

The game is incredibly comprehensive and very well designed. Many activities are offered such as fishing, agriculture, animal husbandry, explorations of mine ... If you love the series Harvest Moon you will surely not be disappointed with this game, which is also on PC, so accessible to many players and playable with the controller.

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