Salt and Sanctuary Review - Soulsvania

Salt and Sanctuary Review - Soulsvania

Salt and Sanctuary is a brutal hybrid of Metroidvania and action RPG that will beat players down and have them coming back for more.

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I've been working my way through it and while I found the first few bosses a bit on the easy side that does get fixed later on. The dragon fight you mentioned was one of the first I had to actually learn the tells for all its attacks and whether to block or dodge (btw there's a shield you can get in that area that completely deflects fire damage, I won't say exactly where but it's very helpful)

I am ready! Just need to finish up The Banner Saga platinum and then I am prepared to die over and over again until Dark Souls III comes out. This came out on the PS4 at the perfect time.

This game is really good. It has really tight combat, a lot of weapon variation, 23 bosses, a leveling system that goes to level 500. Lots of possibility for builds and mostly fair boss fights (in my experience). Just like in the Souls games, you have to really know your weapon and it's timing in order to get those last minute dodges in. And thank god for iFrames.

It is essentially a 2D Dark Souls, as the review suggests, and it's great. I would give it a 5/5 myself. And it was made by two people.

How exactly does one have a competitive multiplayer for a 2D "Souls clone"?

I really like the graphic style but sadly I won't be getting it. I just can't do the Dark Souls stuff and that is an automatic no for me. I'll leave this one for the professionals. Does look amazing though.

This game is amazingly fun and probably the best indie game I ever played. Gorgeous art style, tight and responsive gameplay, creative level design and genuinely funny references to it's inspirational material. The developers of this game have a really good understanding what makes Dark Souls fun while translating the format almost perfectly into 2D. Just an absolutely fantastic little game. From Software couldn't have done it better themselves.

Not just the best indie but I'd rate it even among my most favorite 2D games like Super Metroid and Super Castlevania 4. Salt and Sanctuary is almost the title that makes the Dark Souls format come full circle(if that is the game that takes inspiration from the classic 2D titles).

Kind of sad that it isnt on Xbox since its by Ska Studios


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