6 Things Nintendo Taught Me About My Life and Myself

6 Things Nintendo Taught Me About My Life and Myself

These six life lessons were bestowed upon me from my game guide, my console consort - my Nintendo nanny.

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If you're good at something, keep at it.

Nintendo taught me that context doesn't matter if you're having fun, especially if that fun happens to be anti-gravity cakes that you can leap and slide upon to get to shiny objects! Have. Fun. Unless you are paid to look for criticisms. Hey, we all gotta pay bills!

Wow, what a great article! I really loved reading this one :D. It was nostalgic and insightful so I really appreciate that.

Keep this sort of stuff up.

Got me scared of Monster Hunter! I just started playing it and it is very fun on the Wii U. Waiting to get body slammed by difficulty though. You do make it sound worth the effort. Thank you.


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