Escapist Podcast: 214: Is Anyone Excited for Batman v Superman?

214: Is Anyone Excited for Batman v Superman?

This week, we discuss our thoughts on the upcoming Batman v Superman.

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I am?

But I am just bracing myself from whatever potential backlash this movie will sadly get from the Marvel dominated Superhero Bluckbuster movie scene.

However the one movie I am excited for above all others for this year is Warcraft.

The Escapist Staff:

Staff info. under the video is wrong.

I'm afraid that the trailers prematurely blew the wad... I didn't want to know if there was going to be a big baddie, nor did I want to see much, if any of the Bat/Boyscout fight. Now I'm stuck wondering if I've seen the best parts of it and am going to be mad.
I hope it doesn't turn out that way.

I am. I want to see what Wonder Woman does in the movie, and hope I'm not disappointed. I wanna see what Lex does, and I hear Doomsday is in the mix somewhere.
I mean, I pretty much already knew what Bats, and Supes were going to do. Not necessarily how they do it, though. It's the journey, not the destination for me.

Ehhhhh, yeah?

But not as much as I should be.

I'm biased, because I have a near-unconditional love for these characters, but the trailers didn't make me cautious in any significant way. So yeah, I'm very, very excited for it.

I'm afraid that the trailers prematurely blew the wad...

I am. I want to see what Wonder Woman does in the movie

Aquaman hasn't been in either of the movie trailers, and I am lead to believe the Flash will be in the movie somewhere although why they opted not to use the actor who plays the Flash in the Tv series is beyond me (take note DC Marvel wouldn't have done that.)

I am not so much excited as interested in how they are going to pull off the DC version of the Avengers just without any of the movie set ups that the Marvel Universe did before The Avengers movie.

Imperioratorex Caprae:
Now I'm stuck wondering if I've seen the best parts of it and am going to be mad.

Another of Snyder's failings is that he seems to put the best bits of his movies in the trailers.

Not in the least.

And I saw Man of Steel in theaters.

Just not interested after seeing that play out.

Is anyone excited for Batman v Superman?

On this site? Fuck no. The Escapist, in both staff and forum, is a haven for the most diehard of Marvel fans. The sort who scoffed at the latest Suicide Squad trailer, but would have practically wet themselves with glee had the exact same trailer featured Marvel characters.

The rest of the world, though? Yeah. There are a LOT of people who are excited for the film. In fact, if public reaction on social media and various forums is anything to go by, there is far more excitement out there for BvS than there is for Captain America: Civil War. By orders of magnitude.

As for me...I dunno. I want to see it but I'm not assuming it'll be great. Nor am I assuming it'll be terrible. I'll judge it when I've seen it. Still, I had a fairly lukewarm response to The Avengers films, so I'm not really that hopeful that I'll be 'blown away' by BvS. We'll see.

Eh...hopeful, is the word I'd use.

Thing about superhero films is that everyone wants to talk about them, yet few catch my interest. MCU films, I can count the no. of films I like on the fingers of one hand. Fox's X-Men I'm even more apathic about, and Deadpool did nothing to change that attitude. Man of Steel? A flawed film, but one I enjoyed, one that got me invested in its characters and setting, and one I'm hoping the sequel improves on. I'm left with the DCEU being my last hope to get invested in the genre (said hope being because everyone wants to talk about it and I'm feeling left out, not to mention that Rami and Nolan's trilogies are long gone), and if it's good, then maybe it'll prompt Fox and Marvel to step up their game. If not, then I'm pretty much left without an avenue.

So, to quote myself from the Warcraft film thread, I shall now utter the holy scripture of "please don't suck, please don't suck..."

Edit: Probably also helps that Suicide Squad's piqued my interest as well.

Not so much. looks pretty horrible, to be frank. Everyone's jumping on the bandwagon this year ("Civil War" - X vs. X). Next.

>214: Is Anyone Excited for Batman v Superman?

I am not. I could care less about all live-action DC superhero or comic book movies. IMO, we don't need a Justice League, Wonder Woman or Batman vs Superman live action film because I feel we've already got excellent representations of them in animated form. I would personally rather see more animated films as long as they're done by the right people with both experience and respect for the characters rather than clueless executives cranking out ridiculously expensive live action films that more often than not just shit all over the comic's legacy and waste our time and money better spent on something with a much better track record, such as the animated films and TV series of Bruce Timm and the like.

If you're on the fence over whether or not to see this film and you haven't seen 'World's Finest Pt. 1-3' (Also known as 'The Batman/Superman Movie', I would highly recommend watching that over 'Batman v Superman'. Just my opinion.

Me, McMarbles is!

These fanboywarz between the Marvel Zombies and DC Drones are sad. I love everything.

Snap his neck. Movie over.


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