Resident Evil - A 20 Year Retrospective

Resident Evil - A 20 Year Retrospective

A look back at 20 years of Resident Evil.

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Thanks for that. As a lifelong Resident Evil fan, was nice to see a pretty true to numbers summary of the whole saga. I didn't play many of the off-shoots other than the Umbrella Chronicles on Wii, but I played all the main games, and the Revelations series which I think are superb.

It is sad how their evolution has basically divided the fan base over the later games, but in a sense I don't mind. RE games were survival horror - scavenging, choosing when to fight or evade. But what survival horror gameplay is like nowadays, is *only* puzzles and running away from scary things, and RE is just plain shooting everything. I find the RE games have more replayability and long-term enjoyment then say, Amnesia, Alien Isolation, or others, as fun and atmospheric as they are. Not to mention, I'm still a huge fan of the RE lore and all the characters, even the overly campy ones like Matrix Wesker and Chris "welcome to the gun show" Redfield (ok he looks normal again in Rev2).

I would say I'm one of the rarer diehard fans of Revelations and RE6, appreciating them as simply good games, rather than survival horror. Sure, I'd agree as much as the next guy that they barely deserve the RE name, but as you stated so well, they're pretty damn good games in their own right (after they patched in the ability to skip the ridiculous amount of QTEs). As suspected, the Leon/Helena campaign was the best of all, being the most like the old games.

All told, I'm very interested to see what direction the franchise takes now - towards horror, or action, or even a complete reboot.

Alright, can we get real here for a second? Ashley may have been a clich? and kinda annoying as a character, but as an escort VIP she was far from terrible. She ran away from danger, she got behind you when you pulled your gun out, and if she didn't have time before you started shooting she'd duck. She was exactly what an escort VIP should be - doing her best not to die, but still requiring the help of someone with a gun.

That aside, nice article.

RE6 already filled me with soul crushing horror.


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