Agents of Cosplay: What Are Your Cosplay Misconceptions?

What Are Your Cosplay Misconceptions?

Cosplayers share some common misconceptions about cosplay.

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I'm not familiar with the arguments for or against cosplay (why would anyone care what someone else does in their spare time?) but I can't help but think the sex stuff is a strawman. I'd say more people think that cosplay is just a teeny bit self-absorbed, and attention-seeking. Stuff you do in your bedroom rather than parading around conference centers. But hey, nothing wrong with being the "look at me!" type.

Hey, why is this under Team Hollywood rather then LianaK? Just asking, not because I use it being under LianaK name to go check out the associated Cosplay Dossier article. No, no, never. Perish the thought!

I guess everyone has different reasons for why they're doing it, but why are so many people saying "oh everyone just assumes you're a big nerd"?
1: Isn't that kind of true? I mean, isn't 'nerd' by definition someone who is somewhat obsessed with a particular IP or work of fiction? Wouldn't spending hours upon hours and/or lots of money to make a costume looking like a character from that be considered a 'nerdy' thing to do?
2: I thought being perceived as a nerd would a good thing, since it dispels the idea of people dressing up as characters they know nothing about?

Anyway, I honestly don't have an opinion one way or the other regarding Cosplayers, and the only misconception I've really known is that some people see it more as an opportunity to get noticed for modeling jobs than displaying their love for particular character(s).

Liana Kerzner:
Cosplayers share some common misconceptions about cosplay.

And, who is going to share with your cosplayers about their misconceptions of what "nerd" means?

Pro Tip: If your aim is to be accepted, try not to show your community shitting on another group of people.

So... slut-shaming. Can we talk about that, just for a minute?
Like other negative labels, this gets thrown around a lot to just describe anyone who does not appreciate skimpy or sexy outfits.
It's easy to assume that they're just narrowminded and maliciously so, but please consider the fact that not everyone is comfortable with bare skin and that some parents who bring their kids, might not appreciate cosplay that consists of barely more than bodypaint and a c-string (exaggeration to get my point across).
It's an opinion and I get the feeling that anyone who expresses that opinion, no matter how diplomatically or not, get labeled the same way "sluts" do.
Personally, I'm all for it, I grew up with seeing nude and topless people people on the beach, it doesn't bother me at all, but at least consider that it bothers some without resorting to just calling them slut-shamers.

On the topic of nerds... It really comes off as if they're disrespecting other nerds. "Oh no, we're not one of those kind of people". Ten of fifteen years ago, I'd understand it, things were way less mainstream and coming out of the closet as a nerd was an actual thing, but today?
Before I saw this vid, I considered cosplayers fellow nerds. Now, not so much, in fact it seems the stereotype of attention seekers without respect or interest for what they're cosplaying as, seems more apt.
I understand why you'd feel uncomfortable with the label, some think it still equates to being a loser, but that's your own issue and inability to understand the geek and gaming culture.

Just be whatever you want to be and stop thinking so much about what others think of you. No, I don't feel sorry for you if someone slut-shames you, calls you an attention whore or fake geeks or whatever, because you're expected to rise above that shit and be the better person.
If pitchfork wielding mobs are after you, then that's another matter and I'd gladly stand in between and do what I can to help, but the more I see of these Liana K articles and now vids, the more I think some cosplayers are just whiny crybabies that are unable to be true to themselves, much less others.


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