Take My Money: Batman v Superman Who Are You Rooting For?

Batman v Superman Who Are You Rooting For?

It's almost time for Batman v Superman.

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(Regarding the Title)

Superman because Batman is sooo overdone and oveexposed and overated at this point.

Superman needs more love and support. I just watched Superman vs The Elite and it holds up well.

Now regarding the merchandise:

A vinyl record themed clock with Superman v Batman images?

What the fuck were people thinking when they make this stuff.

Avengers since I'm not big on dc movies. Although it kinda sounds like warner is banking a lot of their future on these so it might be possible that if this flops then we will just have disney, which scares me.

Umm...Judy Hopps? 'cause she could take of anyone and win?

Superman, because it would be impossible for Batman to win without fanboy writers. I like that he tries and thats great, its what humans do, we push the boundaries of what we can achieve. But its better for Batman to lose kinda like in Rocky 1. He didnt win but people applaud his achievement.

Wonder Woman. That's who I'm rooting for.

I'm rooting for Doomsday and "Luthor", to be honest.

Batman. But only because I find Superman to be the most boring super hero ever imagined in history. It wouldn't be an interesting victory. I mean really all he has to do is pick up the Batmobile and fly towards the sun as fast as he wants until Batman promises to behave himself. Where's the fun in that? Sorry, that actually might be kinda funny.

The vinyl clocks are a crazy idea, but I'd so love one in my bat-,er man cave.

Another director?
A better reboot?

I'm just not loving the Frank Miller inspired direction.

Who/What am I rooting for? A better story, and sincere and heartfelt writing...is that too much to ask for? Considering the characters involved, it really shouldn't be.

Heck, strangely enough, Captain America provided the perfect blueprint for how a Superman film could toe the line between a grim setting and a stalwart and hopeful hero with infectious optimism. I mean, if we are asking for good competition, lets have GOOD COMPETITION! But per the original question...probably Batman, the whole undying human spirit and power of the mind over insurmountable odds, etc etc...

Which is odd, when that's supposed to be what Superman embodies, for all his power. Ah well, still have to see the film. I expect more from it, but I'll take a "solid popcorn flick."

I guess Superman, but why would anyone want to see two super heroes fight each other? What's the point? You know who would win? the villains.

Agree with Objectable - Wonder Woman. I'm rooting for a film that won't bore me to tears, but I have no faith that it'll come close to the Dark Knight series.

Wonder Woman. That's who I'm rooting for.

You and me both champ. I'm not really 'rooting' either of these the two title characters since the writers are making them act like fuckwits. Wonder Woman though, has my unconditional support.

Fucking Batman, unapologetically. Why? Because he's freaking Batman, and you all know it. You know he's awesome.

Batman until Flash comes in and tells them both to sit down and shut up.

Wonder Woman. I hope she kinda just strolls into the movie, pimp slaps both of those overrated and overdone Marty Stus and sends them packing from the movie. I'm tired of both of them.

From what I've read in some early reviews...it doesn't really matter. Remember that trailer that everyone said "They just spoiled the whole movie!" about? The one that revealed Doomsday at the end? Yeah, apparently if you've seen that trailer you have, indeed, seen the entire movie.

Doesn't matter, the trailer already ruined it for us. They're going to be at a draw and then have to fight a common enemy. No one is going to win.

Another director?
A better reboot?

If not that, then...

Wonder Woman. I hope she kinda just strolls into the movie, pimp slaps both of those overrated and overdone Marty Stus and sends them packing from the movie. I'm tired of both of them.

Definitely that.

The Batman V Superman thing is tiresome. And even if it wasn't, I've been given no reason to care about either one in this version. It can be done, it has been done. But I have no investment in Crazy Steve and Beardless Idiot.

I'm hoping it ends in a draw where both heroes realize how important working together is and have a reconciliation then have to join together with Wonder Woman to fight the reincarnated zombie of Zod.

Wait, wait, that sounds freaking stupid. Never mind. I hope they both lose and instead of continuing down this grimdark mess they've got going, they just make live action versions of the new animated DC universe.

Superman because Batman fanboys and fangirls are among the most annoying people on the internet.


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