The Escapist Reviews LEGO! Resistance Troop Transporter

The Escapist Reviews LEGO! Resistance Troop Transporter

LEGO delivers another great Star Wars set with its Force Awakens-inspired Resistance Troop Transporter.

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Oooh, a LEGO review? That's fun.

OT: Ehhh, I dunno. It doesnt look too impressive, in fact I think it looks stupid ridiculous. But that's a matter of taste. Good to hear that the durability is good. I despise sets that prioritize playability over durability. Looking at you, Ultimate Hoth Set or whatever its called.

I always find that design weird.

Normally for a transport ship, the "cargo" is usually designed to be shape behind, infront, above and even below the cockpit (like the New Order troop transport) but to have it sideway??? That design stick out too much if they were to become a target for a TIE Fighter!

Other than that, I admit it does look cool in Lego form.


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