Trying to Survive - A History of Survival Horror Video Games

Hm, played Outlast? The sequel is out this fall and i recently finished the original, instantly went for the DLC expansion Whistleblower. Stressful at times, but very much the horror we need now. Remember...history is continuously being made and we are part of it.

Ah, how I weep for my lost Lenore that is good survival horror... and openly sob over the cancellation of Silent Hills.

With the exception of Alien: Isolation (which got much less scary when they handed me a shotgun and that bolt rifle), I can't remember the last time I played a game that legit scared me.

I love survival horror (and not only the good ones, I like allll the Silent Hill games) so it's sad that they just don't make 'em like they used to.

You forgot the most harrowing survival horror milestone of all- one so horrifying it baits you with a completely benign type of game, luring you into a sense of light hearted fun, and then before you know it... BAM!


Just remember - Lisa doesn't like it if you ignore her, or enter her house, or talk to the fetus. The fetus knows all and is evil. Don't talk to the fetus.


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