Good Bad Flicks: Exploring The Last Starfighter

Exploring The Last Starfighter

Exploring the making of The Last Starfighter.

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Awesome breakdown of one of my all-time favorite films!

The FX were so inspiring back in the day, made me want to get into film and digital media. And I had no idea that SOLARIS was the game version of the film, but it makes perfect sense now- I dunno, it just... fits, you know? Kudos!

Oh yeah, the theme song was my ringtone.


When people still called other people on the phone.

Exploring The Last Starfighter

Exploring the making of The Last Starfighter.

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Along with the Tron movies and Wreck-It Ralph, it is one of the best movies about video games ever made! I have this movie in a compilation pack. Thanks for the review.

muh childhood! hits me right in the feels

I wonder if my kids could handle this movie

Sigh ... now that theme song is in my head. Time to watch the movie again.

I had to go look up the Death Blossom scene on YouTube because I didn't remember the effects looking so...shiny and CGI-ish. I mean, I know they pale when compared to today, but I didn't remember them being like that. Were those test shots in the review, or was that from the Blu-ray or something?

Anyway, I love this movie. Has one of the best lines ever.
"We're locked into the moon's gravitational pull. What do we do?"
"We die."

I watched this movie so much as a kid, I wore out the VHS tape.

The Last Starfighter and Explorers are way better than Star Wars and Tron.

I never noticed any horns on the enemy leaders and still don't see them.

No mention of Wil Weaton being one of Louis' friends?

Always felt Dragonball stole their scouters from this movie.

The CG still looks less fake than some of the stuff we see today.

I would like to see how the original renders would look like, if they had the time to finish them

American Fox:

Always felt Dragonball stole their scouters from this movie.

Better not let any DB fanboys see that comment :)

OT; I now recall hearing that they were going to do a remake, didn't know about it being opted for a t.v series instead. I know t.v level CGI has gotten a lot better, but I think the 80's movie will look better by comparison.

Damn, now I want to watch this again. Somehow I think my younger wife who I am certain has never seen this will be crying "cheese" at every scene. Of course cheese is the point but still. I keep under rating this flick because it really was pretty good for it's time and kinda holds up but it IS cheesy.

One of my all time favorite movies. A great often forgotten SciFi action classic. Great characters and cast chemistry, fantastic performances especially from the late Preston and O'Herlihy. An utterly wonderful and bombastic classic score of the type they sadly just do not do anymore. And the core story is one that still rings true today. We understand that sword in the stone wish fulfillment. Yeah the CGI is horribly dated, until you realize and appreciate that this was it, the begining. The first time they ever did this (aside from a few seconds of Lightcycles in Tron).

I strongly recommend picking up the 25th anniversary Blu Ray. The HD conversion is spot on and it actually has some great bonus features worth watching. Heck it's worth it just for the story of Dan O'Herlihy driving home from a late shoot, still in full makeup, and being pulled over by the cops.


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