Natural 20: Honor Among Goblins

Honor Among Goblins

A coup d'etat is interrupted by the liberal application of Goblin Law.

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As much as I love watching these, I'm now sad as I have to wait two weeks for another one. Also would be interesting to see how long Learned Claw survives.

Ah yes, railroading. Good fun. As a pretty new DM, i try to not do that, but I'm pretty sure i fail pretty often.
Great vid, as always.

This episode was educational because it introduced the concept of railroading in a way that wasn't patronising to a non-D&Der.
I also found it very funny.

Most of my railroading experience has been the GM saying something along the lines of "Ok, you guys meet in a tavern and decide to go on a quest to rescue the princess from the tower."

I actually think it may have been modern(ish) sandbox games that have made me aware how annoying railroading can be.

This was fantastic. FYI to everyone, here is their Patreon:

Not sure why they don't advertise it more on their Escapist account. But there it is just in case anyone else wants to pitch in. Sad it's every two weeks like me? Lend a helping hand.

Best new series on the Escapist, considering how often they drop shows I wish you guys well.

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