Judging By The Cover: Judging Grand Theft Auto V

Judging Grand Theft Auto V

Judging Grand Theft Auto V by the cover.

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Did Re-poo-bleak make you nostalgic for VHS tapes? if so, I wonder- why? they were clunky, bulky and expensive. could it be because you've spent so many hours jacking off to the vast VHS stable of naughty-nautical-themed movies (ie: Little Mermaid, Free Willy, Flipper, Powerball) that you just can't get into it using new media?

No back cover with blurbs? Nooooooooo!!!!!!!!
Kudos for the manga angle though! :D

I want to see that same "build-a-coherent-story-from-the-pictures" treatment for the other GTA games. Why so few comments here today? Are people still recovering from last week's psychosis-inducing episode?

Oh, Yahtzee. Are you from a culture in which reading banners is banned? If you did read the banner coating the "V" of "AutoV", you would have realized that the name of this video game is either "Grand Theft AutoVFIVE" or "Grand Theft AutoFIVEV".

I now so very badly want to hear a big black Rottweiler say "Woof! Woof! Grand theft autov!"

This is the first one of these i've watched since I stopped watching after the first few...this comment section is a veritable ghost town.

That was pretty good. XP

I do wonder though if even one of these criticisms he puts to these covers is actually a legit complaint he has.


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