Judging By The Cover: Judging Street Fighter 2

Judging Street Fighter 2

Judging Street Fighter 2 by the cover.

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Funny video, but you missed the American box art for the Genesis version. The best box art for the regular Street Fighter II. You would've had a great time ribbing on that one.

Every time you pronounce Ryu like that, several babies are miscarried.

P.S. Thanks

...I will never unsee Blanka attempting to take a massive shit or Chun Li as a man on this cover now O_O;

Great Episode as always :P

Well I've never heard anyone pronounce Ryu the same way I do, feels great to hear someone say it the wrong way.

My three favorite jokes here were about kicking Ryu in the bollocks so hard his limbs dislocated, Blanka's skin looking like vinyl upholstery polished with lard, and his eyebrows looking like dog turds. Another exemplary critique, sir! Huzzah!

These are always so entertaining; I forgot this came out on friday and had to check it when it got mentioned on let's drown out.

Kind of surprised to see a japanese box art worse than an american release.

I liked this. Nothing to single out of the video, just wanted to thank you for keeping up the good work and the content fun.

How does he count seven on the Japanese box art?
There's clearly eight
Chun-li, Ryu, Ken, Zangief, Dhalsim, E. honda, Guile and Blanka
He even mentions each one by name except Blanka whom he does a bit with


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