#104: Escape

So when do we get to see Erins' ride? You're not going to drag this out for like ten strips are you?

Bad Jim:
So when do we get to see Erins' ride? You're not going to drag this out for like ten strips are you?

This is torture. I've been in suspense for so long.

Oh Grey, you dirty...naughty little tease...keeping us waiting to see just what's so "oh no" about the grand get-away chariot. :P

The Wooster:
#104: Escape


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I remember Brum, the little car that could.


Those wooden doors leave so many questions like
Who locked them?
If the soldiers locked them what made them think something couldn't smash through them?
If the soldiers didn't lock them then why couldn't they just have another team go through the garage?
The whole building is made out of wood so why didn't they set it on fire?
And.... Wait.... Was that soldier playing Sweetie Smash?

Bad Jim:
So when do we get to see Erins' ride? You're not going to drag this out for like ten strips are you?

Hey, if they are going to do this then they better do it right:
I want 10 strips that all end with different people's faces in various expressions of 'WTF?!' and the payoff better be worth it!
I'd accept Herbie the love bug, a clown car, or even this:


i'm guessing erin is either ridning:
A: a full size WW1 zeppilin
B: some sort of my little pony inspired transport
C: japanese body pillow
D: some sort of chocobo parody

It's going to be some dinky little go-kart held together with string and fairy wishes, isn't it?

Coach Tease!
At this point there is no vehicle or mount that could emerge from the hideout and not be a disappointment. I sense a full-on trolling here. Are you guys taking notes from Escapist patrons to find the funniest possible payoff? If so, my vote is definitely for:

E. your mom

Edit: So now I see that "Brum" will be the transport of choice (based on Grey's comment). This is a knee-high radio controlled jalopy (pictured above). I approve. I trust Brum will remain comically undersized and therefor ridiculously proportioned for a large number of motorists.

Edit 2: Corey, "what the heck" with the "CRASH" buried deep in the background? It only says "CRAS". Was this a case of:
1. Shit. It should say "CRASH" in the foreground, but there isn't enough room after I add the inset panel.
2. Shit. If I put it behind the action and shrink it down so that you can see the whole word "CRASH", then the letters are too small and get obstructed by the image.
3. Shit. I'll just make them big enough to be able to tell it is the start of the word "CRASH" and hope that everybody either doesn't see it, doesn't care, or (more likely) doesn't spell.

Props to that Shard Corp guard managing to keep the cigarette in his mouth. Major props.

The look on that guard's face matches my own, and I haven't even seen the chariot yet.

Dibs on it being your chocobo's mom.

Cloudalot looks like he's enjoying himself... Break in continuity or character development?

Really stretching out the reveal of the tricycle van, aren't you?

Hoo, boy, you've got a tall order to fill now.

Since I just saw this(and want it since I'm such a hipster), I'm placing bets Grey may actually consider this being Erin's mystery escape vehicle. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=4lKq1fGtXFM&index=1&list=FL2OkQ3zbFWSnrwd8vnl5ZlQ

Oh no! His "cell" of a calling/gaming device! Looks like he's not getting the new high score today!

Other than that, that ride must have mad hydraulics during that flight!


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