Judging By The Cover: Judging Assassin's Creed

Judging Assassin's Creed

Judging Assassin's Creed by the cover.

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I rather like the poster, in spirit if not composition.

Fun fact: the hokey-cokey was invented by Templars in order to test the crowd of a party en masse for hidden Assassin blades. Just goes to show.

In future videos, I hope Yahtzee pronounces Assassin's Creed the way he did in this one.

Johnny Novgorod:
I rather like the poster, in spirit if not composition.

Yeah, I think it's meant to capture the moment mid-fall before he flips over to land in a hay pile butt first. What I'm curious about is which cathedral he's jumping off of. I assume it's in Spain, since the historical part of the movie is set in the beginning of their Inquisition.

Couple things:

-So, in this live action movie, are the hoods still unaffected by wind? Looking at it again, those ribbons don't look like they're under much stress either, making Assassin Dude appear to be moving quite slowly.

-In the second picture of Assassin Dude, is there a hole in the side of the hood that allows for that specific amount of rim lighting on the character's face?

It really pisses me off that most of the latter assassins have their hidden blades strapped to the outside of their sleeves rather than actually hiding the fucking things.

The entire assassin outfit has always been really fucking stupid but it seems like the their blatant conspiciousness is being done on purpose now.

The Templars just need to hire those guys that would do nothing but shove you into the water from the first game. Thus far they have proven far more capable than any of their operatives. Though I stopped playing them after the one in Istanbul, so maybe they upped their game.


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