The Nice Guys - Kiss Kiss, Bang Bang, Repeat

The Nice Guys - Kiss Kiss, Bang Bang, Repeat

The Nice Guys sees Shane Black return to his strength: the black comedy detective movie.

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I think "Kiss Kiss Bang Bang" is one of the most underrated movies of all time, so color me interested in this.

I just came back from watching The Nice Guys. I loved it! I kept my expectations reasonable. Even though, I loved the trailers for the movie. It did starred Ryan Gosling. He has a history of playing emotionless mannequin. Especially in Nicolas Winding Refn's movies. With his performance in this and The Big Short, I am going to start to give him more credit as an actor.

What can I say about Shane Black? He wrote Lethal Weapon. Which is a classic. He wrote and directed Iron Man 3. Which is easily the worst movie in the MCU. I thought Kiss Kiss Bang Bang was overrated. It wasn't bad. It was just forgettable. Seriously, all I remembered from the movie was Val Kilmer was a gay cop and Robert Downey Jr. played a prissy actor. I can't tell what the plot was or anything else about the movie.

There was tremendous amount of twists and turns in the movie that kept me engaged. Great chemistry between Russell Crowe and Ryan Gosling. It was funny, violent, and action-packed. Highly recommended!

Well whaddya know...Gosling can don a tash pretty darn good! And Crowe suits a slung shotgun nicely. This film feels like it came out at exactly the right time just as we needed a darkly comic action detective film set in the 70s.

I hope Marter gets to review the Friend Request movie that is selling itself as a horror. It looks absolutely terrible and i want it destroyed, decomposed and fed to cthulian forces to satiate their sick desires. I would rather watch the back to back trilogy of tetris in Austrian with no subtitles and an angry swan swiping my popcorn while shouting obscenities in my ear. The adverts didn't help with some punchable paid twat gushing over it to his webcam, cos, like...that's how you get the kids to trust you're a real person with an opinion just like them, isn't it? My skin crawls from that alone. So at least they got one kind of horror nailed. Guess it can't be much worse than a happy madison film, surely?

Is it just me, or does anyone else get a really Guy-Ritchy-but-American-and-still-good vibe from the review? Because that sounds damn appealing to me. Hopefully I can catch this in theaters.

"It's hard to ask movies to be better than this!"
- 4.5 stars.

Here's my specific criticism - they dwell on the teenage girl too long - and it's creepy. The two leads are much funnier than I figured they'd be. Worth seeing.

Saw this a few days ago. Absolutely loved it - the #4 movie I've seen in cinemas this year.

Not perfect, of course - the ending for one thing, and a lot of info is given very quickly at the start in regards to the characters, but everything in between those two points is an absolute joy ride filled with booze, bullets, and something else beginning with b ("badassery?")


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