Neighbors 2 - Sorority Rising - Girls Just Want to Have Fun

Neighbors 2 - Sorority Rising - Girls Just Want to Have Fun

Neighbors 2 does just enough to keep itself worthwhile, even if, in many areas, it falls victim to the law of diminishing returns.

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The key difference is that this time, the villains are young women, which means that their reasons for acting are decidedly feminist - and that shapes where the movie goes, and how many of its jokes work. The girls want to fight against a sexist system that oppresses the freedoms of sororities. Neighbors 2, meanwhile, cuts out most of its "dudebro"-type jokes, and even makes sure to point out how the raunchy comedy still works, or why typical "bro" jokes are, well, wrong.

*Looks at first picture in gallery, which is nothing but women posing in bikinis* there a point being made with that juxtaposition?

Good enough for me, I guess...

Other than that, I got The Nice Guys to watch first for movie gross reasons...

The throwing used tampons at the house being equated to a bag of dicks really doesn't work. Twice.

Firstly, the closest male equivalent would be throwing spunky used tissues at the house. And that is not as bad, because blood is worse than spunk/girlcum.

And secondly, because a bag of amputated dicks isn't funny.

Why is it that Zac Efron is now super-appealing? thought he was a joke initially, but the guy can act Really steals the movie.


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