Judging By The Cover: Judging Silent Hill

Judging Silent Hill

Judging Silent Hill by the cover.

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I love that big awkward silence at the end. I know it's planned but I can still practically hear him going "...shit"

Holy shit, I never noticed the lady in the neck or the pavement face lady or the giant fuck me monster lady face in the corner!!

I'm so freaked out

Burst out laughing when I saw the Japanese version. Ye gods, you'd think the original developers would be the most competent at making the box art.

Now, I've been beating this drum for a while now, but for Mantorok's sake do a review or cover judging of

You KNOW it's an outright orgasmic, yet criminally unrecognized game that deserves a direct sequel (going through different events, locales (maybe starting in ancient China instead of the Middle-East? Hell yes), protagonist etc, or set in an alternate timeline) or at THE VERY LEAST a spiritual sequel.
Remove auto-regenerating majick (except in certain encounters, like THE GUARDIAN and puzzles involving majick), and nerf melee weapons/buff ranged attacks to emphasize survival and resource management.

Seriously, I KNOW you've had a wild love affair with the game, and the nerds need to be exposed to it. Do you have an intimate relationship with the game, or some kind of Gollum-esque thing going where you refuse to let anyone even see it for some fear of having it stolen from you somehow?

Whatever. To any reading this: Find a copy of Eternal Darkness: Sanity's Requiem. Play it from start to finish. Then play it from start to finish two more times to get the "true ending". First run go green, it's easiest, then blue, then red. If you regret following this advice, PM me and I'll give you my living address so you can come over and club me with blunt objects. I'm certain I won't get hit once.

[/drumbanging] [/rant]

Flipping the colors on the American version's cover, THAT freaked me out! All these years, and I never noticed that woman in the upper-right corner. Well done!
And it's a first: Yahtzee thinks a Japanese cover is worse than the American one.

Let's see if the Japanese.... Oh...

Nicely done, it didn't come off as scripted at all, and I found it rather clever as well :D

Never noticed the three other faces (Cybil, Alessa and Dahlia?) in the cover art!

I loved when he inverted the colors on the american box art. I wish I owned a version of this game as this is the longest I've looked at the cover art.

This was a really funny one, especially the way it ended.


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