Animazement 2016 Cosplay Gallery

Animazement 2016 Cosplay Gallery

Check out all the cosplay goodness from Animazement 2016!

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I'll definitely give some props (badum-tssh) to the two Guardians and the human-form Deathwing.

I've always wanted to cosplay at a con, but the perfectionist in me would refuse to go if my costume isn't juuuuuuust right, and I'm not talented enough to get it that way in my own. Go big or stay home, I say.

The cosplay was nice this year. the panels however were not. Seems the con got taken over by Tumblrtards :(

Colossus (Heart symbol)
The third by the way and it has a name, Giaus.
That is a gorgeous costume, and the lack costume for the sword arm is actually true to the game (took me a little while to notice) they must just have hit something super hard.

And it even has lights.

I really like the first one on page 6 ... don't know which character this is, but the costume looks really cool!

Also: Snake! ;)

Ending on yet another Batman-Robin gay joke. Classy.
And any idiot can tell you that's not Robin, it's Nightwing!

Genderbent Krieg on page 6 is amazeballs. I love it when folks nail the "cel shading" look with poster edges.


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