Alt+Escape: Blush

Alt+Escape: Blush

The deep reaches of the sea are a dangerous and hypnotic place, and you must collect little glowing eggs to survive. Swim, little jellyfish! Swim!

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I'm kinda uneasy about having to download that Unity thing.

Unity isn't bad. Haven't had any problems with it, and I found it's required for a handful of excellent flash games.

Mhh the game is kind of a mix of flOw and Hammerflow.
Plays pretty nicely

Interesting, to say the least. Music is great, calm and jellyfishy. Seems like I have to start keeping an eye on Alt+Esc from now on.

Bah, it's timed.


very weird, original, and addicting, what is not to love???

Game producers should stop making shooters and make more stuff like this.

I do hate the fact that this game makes you play on a timer. There should be an option available in which you can just float around and become this gigantic tentacled behemoth.
The soundtrack and the gameplay are both great, though.

fun game! i find the sessions kinda short tho, perhaps if they had a sandbox mode of some sort it would be incredible, as it is i find it a surprisingly fun game


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