The Neon Demon - Beauty Before Brains

The Neon Demon - Beauty Before Brains

The Neon Demon is one of the weirdest, most fascinating films of 2016.

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This is probably the most positive review of this film I've seen. I'm a sucker for imaginatively weird imagery so I'm pretty sure I'll like it even the writing falls short as many other outlets have claimed.

Meh cannibalism doesn't entertain me at all so I'll skip this one.

This sounds just like the film I have been missing for so many years. I love these layered creations, it is a symptom of good art if it divides the audience. But it isn't an indicator of course. Thanks for the recommendation! To the point with minimal spoilers yet sufficient information to fuel the intrigue. :)

Nope. Never gonna see it.

I've learned my lesson enough times with Winding-Refn. Dude's movies are desperately trying their hardest to convince you that they're art rather than try and use subtlety and nuance to tell a good story.

I'll probably put this movie alongside such classics like The Lobster and Spring Breakers where I will feel compelled to want to see it again at a random point in my life...

Other than that, just like The Lobster and Spring Breakers, it already won me over by its trailer alone...


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