Good Bad Flicks: Exploring Stake Land

Exploring Stake Land

Exploring the making of Stake Land.

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Stake Land! Thanks for this review. I've got my Blu-ray copy right here and it's got more extras than most mainstream movies.

Ever since I saw Mulberry Street I've been willing to watch anything even remotely associated with Nick Damici. Mulberry Street had bad special effects but the characters were the main focus anyway. Plus the soundtrack, basically done with the use of musicians working for the 4AD label, is a great collection of alternative music (anyone remember Cocteau Twins? They were on 4AD).

The thing I love about Stake Land is that it's a horror movie which was willing to do things and "go places" that other horror films either wouldn't dare or would handle poorly. Stake Land is a movie that illustrates the severity of post-apocalyptic survival but doesn't venture into the horribly distasteful nature of a movie like, say, the director's cut of Aliens Versus Predator Requiem (hospital scene). It's got a dreadful punch to it, and I'm glad I bought my copy day one.

Also, I think if you liked Dog Soldiers, you'll also enjoy Late Phases. Damici is the man.

I love all the behind the scenes explorations. And this movie's budget is insane.

First off, Sean Nelson and I went to Elementary school together. Who knew?

Secondly, it was an amazing, amazing film. I'm pumped for Stakelander, and I'm going to drag along anyone in arm's reach.


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