Mike and Dave Need Wedding Dates - Summer 2016's Funniest Movie

Mike and Dave Need Wedding Dates - Summer 2016's Funniest Movie

Mike and Dave Need Wedding Dates is Wedding Crashers mixed with Forgetting Sarah Marshall. That's a good combo.

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That is somewhat surprising. I liked Adam Devine in Workaholics but the rest of the cast reminded me too much of Dirty Grandpa, which not even Marter seemed to like. I want to believe that Aubrey Plaza in particular can be a good comedic actress on the big screen and not just Parks & Rec.

The cast has too many people that I refuse to give my time or money to.

I forget if it was you or another reviewer who said Zac was most going to be the one actor from High School Musical to make it big and star in generally very good movies.

Why is it that comedies that look absolutely terrible in trailers (Central Intelligence, and now this) seem to end up being good movies?

Well, haven't seen either of the above, and having seen comedies such as Good Guys and Wilderpeople, that's a high standard to live up to. Right now I just need to catch up on old releases before new ones.

Because of the SSS[1], I have to wait until next month to see this movie... by myself... just like with Keanu... *starts eating ice cream*

Other than that, I'm glad that a comedy movie has not only a bad trailer, but also showcases barely any of the [good] material that the [theatrical version of the] movie will showcase... except for dramedies where I want a glimpse at some of the "dramatic comedy" that will have me both in stitches and in deep thought about what I just laughed at...

[1] Steam Summer Sale...

I have to agree with you here. Funny as hell. a TON of great (and VERY funny) female characters - beyond the 2 leads.

R rated comedy?

No thanks. Based on that and the trailers for this movie, I'm super not interested.


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