Ashes of the Singularity Review - Critical Mass

Ashes of the Singularity Review - Critical Mass

Ashes of the Singularity proves that sometimes more is simply better.

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Glad to hear it's good, been wanting it for a long time and this gives me a much better understanding of what it is. Thanks for the review.

For a bit I thought it was a Critical Miss comic about Eric reviewing the game.

Without a single mention of Total Annihilation or Supreme Commander, I assume Joshua hasn't played those. Ashes isn't akin to Starcraft anymore than a human is akin to a marmot. They both share a common ancestor somewhere in the very distant past, but they are completely different lines.

That's why I hated Ashes so much, minor graphical improvements aside there is nothing that Ashes does that Supreme Commander doesn't do better.
With Supreme Commander you truly got a sense of scale, Ashes has all the units be completely unfamiliar sci-fi thingies. Supreme Commander includes Tanks, we know how big a tank is, so when you see that giant mechanical spider crushing a tank with one foot you get the sense "Wow! That is a huge spider!". Compare the dreadnoughts in Ashes which you know are big, but never get a precise sense of scale to.
Supreme Commander has hands down the best transport logistics system I've ever seen in an RTS, Ashes doesn't even have transport aircraft. What SC did was allow you to issue a ferry command, click ferry and I'll place an icon on the ground where your transport was and another icon at the destination. If you selected a bunch of units and clicked the ferry icon the transport would make repeated trips until everyone was at the destination. If you commanded another transport aircraft to assist the ferry, you'd have two transports ferrying. If you assigned a factory rally point as the ferry icon, all newly built units would move to ferry point and get transported.
It kept the battle lines fluid, rather than the slow moving slog of Ashes.

Didn't the escapist do a bunch of ads(sorry, sponsored content) about this game a few months back?

Didn't the escapist do a bunch of ads(sorry, sponsored content) about this game a few months back?

Sort of, not sure if there was anything else but Brad Wardell (head of Stardock) did some articles on the games backstory.

Seems a bit odd to give the game such a high rating when the review boils down to "A good tech demo to show what the engine could do if someone decides to make an actual game using it". Which is pretty much what everyone else has been saying about it for a while. Whether looking good is enough to recommend it comes down to personal preference, but it hardly seems the sort of thing that deserves a 90% score.

Plus, as TheSYLOH says, talking about a game like this without mentioning Total Annihilation and its successors is really quite odd, given that it's clearly going down that road and not trying to be anything like Starcraft.


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