Natural 20: Party's Over - Sesaon Finale

Party's Over - Sesaon Finale

Party's over people. Time to go out with a bang.

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So I noticed the Shining pillow. But then the guy told you to kill them all and Garren and Tyrell being the twins...

Also there better be a season 2...I'm certainly excited to see what new characters they come up with. Especially Garren who didn't completely make his own but adapted Donnel's.

Also unsure about a new DM. Might be interesting, especially to see Rob as a player...but...I love Rob as DM.

I'll try to be patient while you plan the next season. The humor was spot on, and balanced just right to be funny and nostalgic while skillfully dodging awkward. I looked forward to this every two weeks and you've never failed to deliver satisfaction.

Mirror Elvis has never steered me wrong in my campaigns.
I think this'll be good times for all.

Beautiful work you guys.
I shall wait patiently for the next season.

This season was amazing. I'm still baffled how you got smooth shots and good lighting. The writing was goofy/solid as well. You captured an exaggerated D&D group perfectly. Soooooo much better than trying to watch porn stars play D&D on The Escapist in the "I Hit It with My Axe" series back in 2010:

Looking forward to next year. I hope you and The Escapist can come to terms.

Thanks for the great season! Here's hoping for many more to come.

So I noticed the Shining pillow. But then the guy told you to kill them all and Garren and Tyrell being the twins...

Ah, so that's where that pillow came from.

Enjoyed this a lot, and going into my first D&D game, I can already recognise some of the ridiculous stuff that comes up.

Sharing my affection for this series vocally. Hoping this would help The Escapist fund* the next season.

*fund used in a vague sense. I don't know how this series is supported beyond Patron and Escapist platform.

*Looks for big inviting button, labelled: "Preorder Season Two Now"

Also was a big fan of this, loved the surreal humour, especially the perceptions episode. Hope to see more of it down the road - thanks a lot, guys!

Hey look, it's James McAvoy!

Ah, the true romance of D&D. We were much amused, and would fain make your troupe regular jesters at this Our most noble Court. So here's to Season Two and beyond.

Also, I see it's already been up a week, so sorry about the tardy praise. I blame my slow and sluggish nature.


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