Judging By The Cover: Judging Summer Games

Judging Summer Games

Judging Summer Games by the cover.

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Either missing or avoiding the three mini-tits on the first cover. A good episode all in all.

I did read recently that animal (and human) reactions are not fight-or-flight, but fight-or-flight-or-freeze. I've never run into the variant of flight-or-fight-with-a-shotgun-or-shove-things-up-your-own-ass.

About a minute before you mentioned the motion streaks on the 2nd game, I had also noticed the streaks on the fencer are all fucked up. The silhouette looks like epee, but there's no time he should be swinging straight down like the motion streak is implying. You might do that with saber, but then there would be a different silhouette for the guard. In either case, clearly messed up.

A lot of Epyx games covers looked like that around then - made sense for Winter Games, I guess, but not so much Impossible Mission.

(also Winter Games > Summer Games)

The guy on the first game's box art in color reverse definitely looks stoned. Maybe the only way he can get through his second cousin's wedding (I hardly ever see this person; how the deuce did I get roped into this?).

As someone who holds Epyx' Summer Games series (and Winter Games) still as probably the best Olympics sports games ever made (yes, seriously), I as thoroughly pleased and amused. ;)


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